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Wireless Headsets


$20 Back Clip




OTG Cable

Digital & Visual Walkie-talkie
Rugged Smartphone

  • Clear Video

  • No-network

    Digital Walkie Talkie
  • HD Voice

    Dual Speakers
  • Long Distance

    5-10km Outdoors
Note:the video intercom function should rely on the network.

One Phone, Two Functions

DOOGEE S80 is a powerful integration of an IP68 rugged
phone and a digital & visual interphone.Be the king
of outdoor communication!

World's First 15ATM and Walkie-Talkie Rugged Phone DOOGEE S80

It's built to withstand the elements. And I have no doubt that it does.

Обзор Doogee S80:огромный смартфон с огромной батареей, рацией и мегазащитой

15ATM Waterproof Rugged Smartphone

Diving standard of amazing water-resistance
at 150m underwater.

Fine Camera, Extreme Beauty

Ultra high resolving power camera snaps
appealing and brilliant selfies even at night
or complex environment.

Dual PD Auto Focusing, Full Mark Shooting

With 24 million photo-sensitive units, every picture
captured by the 12+5MP cameras is a full mark shooting.

Software Pack,Practical Assistance

A practical software pack with complete positioning
sensors helps you walk further and safely.