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What’s Your Impression of a “ Rugged Phone”?

We had made a random survey from people in different industries about the question “What’s your impression of a rugged phone?” and received various answers such as, “ It’s heavy.”, “It’s solid but too bulky to carry it with me all the time”, “It seems a rugged phone is much more expensive than a normal phone, although I want to have one badly.”, “It’s really, really useful in outdoors with water-resistance and shatter-resistance features no matter how I drop it.”

A Cost-effective Rugged Phone.

What if a compact, powerful and affordable rugged phone? In March 28th, we have announced the most cost-effective rugged smartphone ever, DOOGEE S40, which has completely broken the image of “bulky and expensive rugged phone”. Since the date it is released at $89.99, the S40 is warmly popular among the users and media who give a number of praises. In less than two months, the number of users chooses to buy the S40 have reached 100,000 both online and offline!


Why is the DOOGEE S40 the Choice of 100,000 Users?

Why can the DOOGEE S40 achieve a brilliant effect in such a short time? Because we insist on producing the best quality but budget rugged handset applicable to special occasions. Revolutionizing the traditional definition of the rugged phone, the exquisite S40 provides users with an upscale experience. Whatever the outdoor adventurers, construction workers or army personnel, they benefit from this waterproof, dustproof and shatterproof S40.

Upgraded Version,Not Just the Extended 3+32GB.

Listening to the voices of users, we have fully upgraded the S40, including expanding the storage capacity from 2+16GB to 3+32GB. The larger 3GB memory greatly reduces system stuttering phenomenon to deliver faster, smoother gaming experience. The S40 brings you a step closer to your victory.

Additionally, the double storage space of 32GB saves everything you want. No matter moving music, exciting movies, or meaningful photos, double space offers you multiple joys!

Rugged Phone Designed for Special Needs

Considering the users’ requirements from special industries, the DOOGEE S40 with IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G features is competent for extremely bad conditions.


After hundreds of glue testings, we finally apply the perfect Modified Silica Gel to the S40. This Polyethylene Glycol derivative integrates the silicone rubber totally to enhance the compactness, uniformity, and stability of phone surface. The phone thereof is hydrophilic in 1.5m deep water that you can even go swimming together with it in the pool. Under this ultra-waterproof status, only heating can disassemble the back cover. Look at the following demo:


Whether you are touring the Sahara Desert or working on a building site, the 99% dustproof S40 keeps itself running normally in dusty environments. Furthermore, IP69K protects the S40 safely in 100 Bar high water pressure and 80℃ conditions.


“ Intelligent inside and rugged outside ” is always the product pursuit of our rugged phones, so does the DOOGEE S40. Wearing a rock-solid body surrounded by reinforced metal frame, superior TPU corners and cover, the military standard S40 is ultra strong beyond your imagination.

Plenty of phone users always complaint about their fragile devices, however, the S40 has the best-in-class quality to survive from all kinds of violence tests easily.

One-Key Button - SOS

We believe an easy operating SOS button is a wonderful gift to ensure the safety of adventurers. That’s why the button is designed on the handy side frame.

Besides the above “ rugged features”,how about the system specification?

4650mAh Long-lasting Battery

As an outdoor communication device, the super long-lasting power is one of the necessities for users. The 4650mAh huge capacity with AI battery power allocation satisfies your multiple requirements all day long.

Get Rid of the Fragile Screen

To get rid of the fragile screen, the S40 applies the strongest 5 elaborated layers structure, which is composed of the outer and inner Gorilla® glasses, touch layer, IPS display, and Aluminum Alloy Chassis. This outstanding 5.5’’ IPS screen will deliver extraordinarily immersive visual feast to you.

4G Worry-free Processor Performance

Driven by a power-efficient CPU, MT6739, the S40 runs in lightning speed and worry-free multitasking performance. 4G network injects more fun to your outdoor life.

Carry a Photostudio With You Outdoors

Stacked with 8+5MP dual rear cameras with wide-angle and rich shooting functions, the S40 is a professional photostudio to record every wonderful scene outdoors. Carry a photostudio with you anywhere, the photos always look their best.

Never Get Lost

With three pinpoint GPS navigation systems in hand, the positioning can’t be more accurate. You will never get lost in the wilds.

Android™ 9.0, Easy As Pie

Android™ 9.0 Pie brings Artificial Intelligence to learn your preferences, making the S40 smarter, faster. The system will analyse your App using frequency to optimize battery power allocation and predict your next action. Android™ 9 Pie helps you go further on one charge. Living a smarter lifestyle is easy as pie.

You Are Always the Unique Key

Fingerprint unlocking and face recognition two options exist in unison to offer your phone the safest and most unique key.

The Price?

Have you already attracted by this powerful DOOGEE S40 rugged smartphone? Don’t worry! Another news definitely makes you excited --- the price of this new version will still keep at $89.99 ! Yes, that’s what you know, the upgraded S40 gets better features at the same price as the former version! Check the detailed parameters of this model:`

Trust by Top Media

We are glad to find the Doogee S series harvests lots of high reputes from the top media worldwide, which motivates us to make the next generation being better.

The entire research and development team, marketing team, and sales team all have made a significant contribution to the successful promotion of the S40 during hundreds of days and nights.

DOOGEE S40 - The Rock-solid Explorer

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