S86 Pro,Rugged phone
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S86 Pro
S86 Pro
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S86 Pro
Would be a great phone if it did not freeze every day and if the phone screen didn't keep going blank. Also have had problems hearing diff loud noises while on the phone.
Great phone
S86 Pro
Over all great phone... T mobile, and H20 wireless will are the two services I have found in America... Phone needs a couple extra apps compared most U.S phone...

Only down side I found is the plug in is not a standard type c it was modified to fit body on phone... It broke very easy and even after number of emails to dev team to add the plug-in to web site.. got not responded... From facebook or contact on web page... Standard type c will loose contact and if you mod it will break charger internals...
If they sold all parts, screen protector and plugs or made it inductive would score it higher..
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