The most beautiful, durable AMOLED

With the active matrix backplane, the Samsung Super AMOLED display can reflect 90% vivid color
of Adobe RGB color range, at the same time saves 30% in power consumption.

Bigger as well as harder

When screen gets bigger, it’s easier to break into pieces. DOOGEE MIX will not.
Credits goes to the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 used in TP and back.

Feel it, it’s stainless steel

Creatively using micron scale Vacuum ion plating technology
in a stainless steel to make the highly exquisite and tough
middle frame. It’s the same technology to make a Patek
Philippe swatch.

Sparkling metal color

DOOGEE MIX come in three colors, Dazzle Black and Aurora Blue, Coral Blue.
When sparkling metal meets highly saturated color, its body like an aurora light from 90°north latitude.

  • Coral Blue
  • Aurora Blue
  • Dazzle Black

Upgraded DTouch

A full display cannot coexist with a front fingerprint? We present you
the best ergonomic design of DTouch now.
And you can define what it is with a customized gesture.