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Doogee S68 Pro is an amazing rugged smartphone that comes with IP68 and IP69K ratings. It gets screen protection as well, making the device all the more strong. There are fast charging and wireless charging technology.

While many smartphones today are water resistant, few are properly rugged – certainly not in the way that the Doogee S68 Pro is. The phone is IP68 dust and water resistant (1.5m for 30 min), it can survive drops from 1.5m as well as extreme temperatures (-40°C to 60°C).

Wie es sich für ein Outdoor-Smartphone gehört, ist natürlich auch das Doogee S68 Pro gemäß der Schutzklassen IP68 und IP69K gegen Staub und Wasser geschützt. Außerdem soll das Gerät Stürze aus einer Höhe von bis zu 1,5 Metern unbeschadet überleben.

Doogee's tatest phone is called S95 Pro andbrings the rather hard to come by mixofarugged body and upper midrange specsThe phone is protected against drops andcomplies with the IP68 and '1P69K standardsagainst water and. dust.The handset is alsocomptiant with the MIL-STD-B10G militarystandard

Luckily, Doogee’s newly-introduced S95 Pro has the minority’s best interests in mind, offering users a durable, rugged platform that’s been built to withstand a lifetime of abuse.

Doogee differentiates itself with devices that can be dropped, dunked or blasted with water or dust. Its latest phone is the Doogee S95 Pro, which packs a massive 48-megapixel camera and swappable speaker and battery modules.


The Doogee S90 is made from a titanium alloy, has impact-absorbing rubber corners, along with an anti-slip cover. It feels incredibly solid.

The Doogee S90 is at its core a “rugged phone”, a niche category that caters to people who frequent rough environments.

A few seconds is all you need to bestow the S90 with the ability to use night-vision, thanks to a separate clip-on module.


This tank of a phone has lasted me a week on one charge.

If you are a construction worker, outdoor inspection personnel or just an adventure enthusiast, the new IP68-certified S80 rugged phone may be the communication device for you.

If you intend to wander off the beaten path, then the Doogee S80 is probably a more suitable company than an Apple iPhone or anything made for more general use.


Este Gamepad, que funciona como se fosse uma capa, foi projetado especialmente para este smartphone, com um encaixe perfeito entre eles, fazendo do S70 uma verdadeira consola portátil.

S70 not only has a cool appearance, but also features an exclusively designed cooling system to guarantee smooth gaming operation.

This is a high performing, good looking rugged smartphone - and the addition of the Game Pad would make it suitable for the casual gamer.


It's absolutely the manliest manly man phone ever created.

This is a well-protected, waterproof, durable phone that is perfect for manual workers who need a suite of useful tools.

DOOGEE’s latest S60 grabbed the number two spot on TechRadar’s list of best-rugged smartphones of 2017.


This combination of materials gives it some serious durability, and it feels extremely solid in hand. I dropped the S40 onto a variety of materials to test the MIL-STD-810G drop-resistance, and it came away without a scratch each time.

The android phone sports a reinforced metal frame, superior TPU corners, and a 5.5-in Gorilla Glass screen to protect it from water damage, extreme temperatures, and multiple drops, making it the perfect device for those looking to become the next Bear Grylls.

The S40 has been designed using best in class materials allowing it to survive all kinds of tests and for the most adventurous users. This includes being dropped 20,000 times on six sides in a micro drop test and from 1.21 metres from 26 different angles.

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