Youth Without Limit

88% Screen RatioYouthful Colors

Distinctive Design to Impress

Inspired by the universe planet and starry sky, we decorate Y7 with dreamy colors, the obsidian black, phantom purple and aurora blue. As a representative of youth, the Y7 invites you to feel the nebula magic in its cosmic showcase.

Obsidian Black, Eternal Fashion

The black Y7 was born from interstellar space shining with light as an obsidian. Recognized as a symbol of maturity and nobility, the timeless black is like an eternal planet floating in the deep and boundless universe, with pure strength and courage.

Phantom Purple, Mysterious Elegance

The phantom purple cover couples its mysterious tenderness with the strong body closely. Under the warm light, you seems to roam in a dreamy starry ocean revealing both luxury romance and generous temperament. Be your own charming goddess.

Aurora Blue, Hopeful Dawn

Signifying the hope and happiness before rising sun, the aurora is vast and mysterious. With photoelectric sputtering process and hundreds of curvature polishing, the Aurora Blue Y7 reflects dazzling light. Let’s explore the breathtaking mystery of the Arctic together.

  • Obsidian Black
  • Phantom Purple
  • Aurora Blue

5.84’’ Magnificent Screen

The Y7 is a magnificent craftwork presented in a 5.84’’ thinner, lighter and smaller U-notch screen. Much bigger screen ratio cooperating with ultra-high resolution, Y7 reproduces more brilliant and vivid videos. Make yourself indulge in the immersive visual-feast at first sight.

Remarkable Driving Power

A 3360mAh big battery is definitely a full day’s driving motivation of the outstanding Y7. It takes only 20 minutes’ charging to bring 2 hours’ long-lasting joyful movie time.

Ultimate Processor Performance

The Y7 runs the newest octa-core highly integrated processor of UNISOC, which Cortex-A55 greatly boosts the multitasking speed and improves the overall performance by 20% than the Cortex-A53. Keep the phone in the best operating situation with mostly low power consumption.

Capture the Top-level Masterpieces

The Y7 Plus carries 16MP+13MP dual rear cameras with intelligent light compensation basing on different shooting modes. Be a professional photographer to take high-quality masterpieces and discover eye-opening beauty at daytime and night.

Different shooting modes, colorful life styles

Discover Differently Charming Selfies

Besides a variety of shooting modes, the 16MP front camera also adopts an all-new beauty solution with smooth, brighten and slim functions to tailor perfect facial features. This will be the most nature and softest selfie you’ve ever seen.

Treasure More Memory

Housing huge storage of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, the Y7 satisfies all your memory storage demands and enhances system operating speed even multiple applications run at the same time.

Double Choices to Unlock

Double extreme unlocking choices, the finger or the face, a touch or a glimpse, are right there when you need them.