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A trip to the Arctic with a man, a drone and his rugged phone

Today I want to introduce you a great photographer, Florian Ledoux whose work has been published in magazines like National Geographic, Time US, National Geographic Traveler, as well as in the international daily press. In last few months, his new project took him to the Arctic Wildlife. His purpose is to witness, document and protect the Arctic wildlife. From West Greenland, he have sailed 6000km over the course of eight weeks to Nunavut to explore and the document the Arctic Wildlife on Devon Island, Bylot Island.

Here is the biograph of Florian Ledoux. I’m so inspired by his passion and love to the wildlife on our earth.


Here is the video he made in this trip by his drone. It’s very spectacle and magnificent. Be honest, I’m still in a big 

shock right now.


Well, in this trip, Florian has his companion, the drone, the wildlife and the DOOGEE S90. DOOGEE is one of the partnerships. They provide sponsor and product. This time, the DOOGEE S90 accompanied him during the whole journey and made a great effort.


Chinese company Doogee has hit Kickstarter with an affordable and feature-rich rugged Android smartphone. The S90 is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and highly modular, with clip-on accessories for night vision, walkie-talkie, extended battery and gaming use.

The case is IP68/IP69K waterproof, meaning it'll sit under 5 ft (1.5 m) of water for two weeks and withstand temperatures from -22 to 176° F (-30 to 80° C). It also meets military standard 810G for humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, vibration and ballistic shock. All this protection adds up to a meaty little unit that weighs 300 g (0.66 lb). In the Arctic trip, DOOGEE S90 plays very well in that temperature.


Offers the snap-on modules that open up some interesting use cases. A power module doubles the battery life by adding an extra 5,000mAh, while a digital walkie-talkie module gives you a 6-10-km (3.7-6.2-mi) communication range with other radio devices across a wide range of 400-480Mhz frequencie even where there's no phone signal.

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