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Mabri, Minister of Cote d'Ivoire, Visited DOOGEE for Communication & Cooperation

On 20th, April, 2018, Mabri and Gue visited DOOGEE(www.doogee.cc) company in Shenzhen, China for business negotiation. Mabri Toikeusse Albert Abdallah is the President of regional council of Tonkpi, former Foreign Minister and Ambassador of the West Cultural Tourism Festival of The Republic of Cote d'Ivoir. The only purpose of his trip to China this time is to visit DOOGEE and the factory, learning more about its products for the approaching collaboration. Responding to the Belt and Road's ideological trend, they will work together to develop market in Ivory Coast, building up good friendship between China and Africa.

Mabri (Left) and Xin Chao,DOOGEE CEO (Right)

Mr. Xin Chao, the CEO of DOOGEE, expressed a warm welcome to the guests on behalf of all company members. After knowing the brand idea and culture of DOOGEE, Mabri had a further understanding of this company and was hugely impressed by DOOGEE’s incredible developing speed in merely 5 years. During the conference, DOOGEE also introduced its future marketing strategy in Cote d'Ivoir that Mabri was very satisfied with.


Wide-angle camera experience

Projector demonstration


Regarding this journey to China, Mabri showed great interest to DOOGEE products especially the big battery and wide angle features. DOOGEE has built mature online official store and third-party platforms. It is this new retail mode, merging online and offline, that won the recognition of Mabri for providing convenient purchasing ways to the Ivorians. He said that although DOOGEE is not a grand enterprise, he trusts in its micro innovation spirit and wishes DOOGEE products bring much aspiring changes to their people, even importing advanced software research. Furthermore, some preferential policies will be offered to DOOGEE industry located in Cote d'Ivoir, a “free tax zone” may be one of them.

On the conference


Visit the factory


On the second day, Mabri and related personnel paid a visit to one of the strong factories that DOOGEE works with, TRULY, which also cooperates with many well-known handset manufactures, such as HUAWEI, Samsung, Sony etc. In the workshop, he witnessed the process of LCD production. The whole visitation to DOOGEE was delighted. Hope the cooperation between DOOGEE and Cote d'Ivoir can promote the local employment as well as economy development, meanwhile, enhance the mutual understanding of China-Africa friendship.

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