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Doogee Global Fans Mascot DIY Contest-show your talent and win prize

There is an interesting and attractive activity in the New site of Doogee official forum. The contest aims to improve interaction with our global fans. We received many creative works and we want more. Hoping much more DIY and cosplay talents to surprise us. In addition to 3 Doogee X10, we decide to add a grand prize and the latest and hottest model Doogee Mix will be the prize. And a Doogee Mascot will be sent to the 10 candidates as reward.You can reply and let us know what kind of prize do you want. Active fans will be appreciated.


Whats more, the check-in feature has been implemented to the new site of Doogee official forum. It is aiming to promote users daily activity on the forum as well as rewarding active members by giving out prize incentives. Please stay tuned for such anticipated moment, it is totally worth expecting.


Click here to join in the activity and experience our new site of official forum. 

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