1. Selected icon: Press and hold an icon to enter the selected state to be dragged.
2. Add a new desktop: Drag your icon to a blank desktop to add a new desktop.
Drag all the icons on a desktop to other desktops, and the blank desktops are automatically deleted.
Long press an icon until it is in the selected state, drag it to another icon, a folder will be automatically generated, click the folder > click the file name to enter the file name editing state.
Long press on an empty space on the desktop, select the organize icon at the bottom, you can drag other icons to the selection box at the bottom, then select the desktop you want to place, and drag the icons from the selection box to the target location.
If you are using a third-party desktop and cannot find the app icon:
It is recommended to switch the desktop back to Google Desktop to find or contact the third-party desktop application developer. How to switch back to Google Desktop: Confirm and replace the default desktop application operation Go to System Settings - Tools - Application Management - Default Application, click Restore All Default Settings or click Current Desktop - Default Open - Select Clear Default Action.
If you can't find the app icon using Google Desktop, please try to solve it as follows:
1. Please confirm whether the application icon cannot be found on the desktop after updating the application. If the original application icon is placed in a folder, it should still be in the original folder after updating the program. Please find the corresponding program icon in the desktop folder.
2. Please confirm whether the icon of the application cannot be found after the system upgrade. Some applications may be renamed due to name adjustment after the upgrade. For example, if Huishare is upgraded to the latest name, it has been renamed as Backup Assistant. Please check the application you cannot find. Is there a similar problem.
3. If there is still a problem, find the settings, click in, find the application management (some models need to be in the application list interface > click the three small dots in the upper right corner - open the display system process), find Google Desktop in all processes > Storage > Click Clear storage, reset the desktop and look for the icon.
4. If your mobile phone is rooted and some icons cannot be found, it may be deleted by the root software during the rooting process. It is recommended that you bring the purchase certificate and send the mobile phone. To the nearest service center for maintenance by an engineer.
Open the folder to be modified, click the folder name to become editable, and enter a new folder name.
Click Settings - System - Reset - Erase all data (factory reset).
Or when the phone is turned off, press and hold the volume up key, press and hold the power key at the same time, and then release the key when an icon or text appears on the screen. Use the volume up key to move the cursor to Recovery mode, use the volume down key to confirm the entry, and then select Wipe date after entering.
There are four precautions when entering fingerprints:
1. Please follow the prompts on the input interface to simultaneously put down and lift your fingers, and follow the prompts to place your fingers in the area where you put your fingers down.
2. Please do not drag your finger when you put it down.
3. Please pay attention to whether the entry finger is clean, whether there is skin damage and cracks, etc., which will affect the entry of fingerprints.
4. Please use the usual mobile phone holding posture when entering, and ensure that the entered fingerprint image is consistent with the image pressed by the finger when the fingerprint is unlocked.
The compass needs a clean magnetic field environment, please make sure that the environment you are in is not disturbed by strong magnetic fields. Before each use, you need to draw the 8-character calibration, and try to draw as many times as possible to ensure its reliability.
The compass has added advanced optimization and compensation algorithms, and its stability has been greatly improved. However, many third-party compass applications on the market have different levels of algorithm due to the limitations of the algorithm, and there will be different degrees of jitter. It is recommended to download the top compass application after using the compass.
The compass is inaccurate, please check the following reasons:
1. The magnetic field sensor is easily disturbed by the external environment. Different models of mobile phone compasses indicate that the direction deviation is less than 5 degrees, which is within the normal range.
2. Please check whether there are "unofficial leather cases, magnets, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc." interference sources with strong magnetic fields, please stay away from the interference sources before using the compass.
Please see the reference knowledge on the right.
3. It is recommended to restart the phone to see if the function is restored.
The Android system supports FAT32 format by default. When you insert an external memory card that is not in this format for the first time, the phone will prompt that the external memory card needs to be formatted, and it will be automatically recognized after formatting.
There are earphone converters on the market, which can convert earphones of different earphone standards into another type. You can purchase them yourself in major digital markets or e-commerce.
Some special headphones such as Samsung or Sony cannot be used due to compatibility issues, which is a normal situation, please try to choose general-purpose headphones.
Long press an icon until it is in the selected state, then drag it to another icon, and a folder will be automatically generated. Open the folder and click the file name to enter the file name editing state.
1. Enter *#06# on the mobile phone to check.
2. It can also be found on the outer box.
Android 8 and above mobile phones: Pull down the status bar twice, expand all the shortcut switches, find the super screenshot function switch, click Enable, and select the recording function.
Other Android versions do not have this function built-in. It is recommended that you search for screen recording in the app store and download some popular third-party screen recording software for use.
At the same time, the phone only supports one application to use the flash. The camera has priority to use the flash.
This can happen when the software files are corrupted, the system memory is low, or the app is not compatible with the Android system. Please refer to the following methods for troubleshooting:
1. If the flash memory is caused by damage to the software files, it is recommended that you back up the application data, uninstall the game, and then reinstall it.
2. If the game stops running after running for a period of time, it may be caused by insufficient system memory. Please release some memory and open it again.
3. If it stops running as soon as it is opened, it may be caused by the incompatibility of the application with the Android system, please try to update the game version.
1. It is recommended to download games from the app store first. Games downloaded from other app stores may crash and the screen will be black when starting.
2. Some games downloaded from the non-app store may need to cooperate with the Google service framework to open and run normally. Please read the game instructions when downloading and installing the game.
3. It is recommended to uninstall the game and try to download and install it again.
4. Before downloading and installing the game, please pay attention to check the running software and hardware requirements of the game.
5. If the above methods are invalid, there may be compatibility problems with the game, please provide feedback to the third-party software.
Attached files may not be opened directly due to unsupported format system.
Install applications that support opening this file: For example, .xlsm, .doc, .ppt format files can install office-related applications. Download the office application from the application market and install it, and then reopen the attachment, the installed application option will pop up, select the correct application to open it.
The default file manager does not include compression and decompression functions, please download a third-party file manager such as Zarchiver to operate.
Hello, you may encounter the following symptoms:
Phenomenon 1: Insert and unplug the microSD card, but there is no prompt information
--The hot-plugging of the MicroSD card may cause the microSD card to be unrecognized or even damaged. It is recommended that you do not hot-plug as much as possible.
Phenomenon 2: The microSD card is inserted, but the content inside cannot be read
--The microSD card is not recognized due to hot-plugging of the bright screen. Please turn off the screen for a period of time (about 10 seconds) before turning on the screen. If it still cannot be read, please try restarting the phone. If it is still not recognized, please replace the microSD card.
Phenomenon 3: The photos taken are not saved
--Please go to "Settings-Storage" to check the remaining space of the SD card. If the memory is not enough, please clean up or move the files in the SD card. (if photos can be saved to internal storage)
If you press the power button and the shutdown menu does not pop up, your program may have crashed. Please press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds on any interface, and the system will be forced to shutdown.
When the APP video call cannot be initiated, please set the camera permission of the APP to ON.
How to operate: Go to System Settings > Permission Management > Application > APP, click to turn on the camera.
In addition, there may be a probabilistic audio conflict in the APP itself. Please restart the phone and try again. If the above method does not work, please check whether the current network is good, please try to change to a stable network environment.
1. It is possible that the file format is not supported, please confirm the file format first
2. The default picture formats supported by the phone are: *.png, *.gif (static), *.jpg, *.bmp; the supported audio and video formats are: MP3, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR- WB, Vorbis, FLAC/ALAC, APE, AIFF, PCM, MIDI.
3. If the phone does not support the file format, you can download a third-party application that supports the file format to complete.
4. The file is corrupted. Please reselect an undamaged file and try again.
5. The files are protected by copyright. Please obtain permission to use the file and try again.
Click the small icon in the upper left corner of the camera interface to check whether the preferred storage location is in the hand or in the SD card. If it is already stored in the SD card, please search for the shooting file in the microSD card; if it is stored in the mobile phone, please search in the internal storage of the mobile phone.
If the storage location of the camera files is set in the microSD card but cannot be found, please confirm whether the external microSD card is incompatible, or the storage contents cannot be read due to damage. If yes, it is recommended that you replace the microSD card with a new one, or reset the storage location, change the storage location to the internal storage of the phone, and try to take pictures again.
If the other contents in the microSD card can be read normally, but the shooting file cannot be found, it may be that the capacity is full and the photos or videos are automatically saved to the internal storage. Please look for the photo or video file in "Phone Internal Storage" in "File Manager".
If you click on a file of an unknown type, you will be prompted to choose an open method (there is a ? on the file icon), the corresponding application may not be installed on your phone, and you need to enter the "App Store" to download and install the corresponding application. If you do not know which applications are It can be opened. It is recommended to search the Internet for the information of the file suffix first.
Possible causes and solutions:
1. The fingerprint information at the time of entry is incomplete: please refer to the precautions for fingerprint entry, and try again after entering the fingerprint.
2. The surface of the fingerprint sensor is dirty: The fingerprint sensor has a certain fault tolerance rate, but if there is a lot of oil stains, water stains, etc. on the surface of the sensor, it will affect the success rate of unlocking, please try to unlock it after cleaning. In addition, please do not place sharp objects such as mobile phones and keys together. It may poke the surface of the fingerprint sensor and cause invisible damage to the naked eye. If the damage surface exceeds a certain level, it may not be able to be successfully unlocked.
When charging with a non-standard charger, abnormal charging may interfere with the fingerprint sensor, and the verification and unlocking cannot be performed. It is recommended to unplug the charger and try again.
Due to the user's physical state or other factors such as the environment, the skin of the finger appears peeling, wrinkled, etc. When the change exceeds a certain fault tolerance rate, the success rate of unlocking may be affected. It is recommended to enter several sets of fingerprints and try to unlock with other fingers.
For some users, the fingerprint pattern of the finger is shallower than that of the average person. Please cover the entire fingerprint sensor with the belly of the fingerprint when entering the fingerprint, and enter a stable and complete fingerprint image, which can improve the success rate of unlocking. It is recommended to enter several sets of fingerprints and try to unlock with the fingers with a higher success rate
When unlocking, please fully touch the fingerprint sensor, and do not slide or wipe your fingers quickly. In this case, the fingerprint collection is unstable and the unlocking success rate is low. Please try to cover the sensor with the pad of your finger as stable as possible.
Please check and solve the problem step by step according to the above items. If there is still a problem after the above operation, please go to the nearest after-sales outlet with the purchase certificate for maintenance.
The phone's earphone acts as an antenna.
After connecting the headset, the FM radio of the mobile phone can listen to FM radio.
1. Please check whether you have enabled somatosensory answering
2. Enter the hardware detection function of the system to check whether the lower sensor is abnormal. If so, it is recommended that you contact the after-sales technical support mailbox.
1. It is recommended to compare the experience on other mobile phones. If running the game on other mobile phones is also stuck, it may be that the game itself is not optimized well, causing the running to be stuck.
2. If it is an online game, check the network status. When the network is unstable, it will cause lag and game delay, which will affect the user experience. It is recommended to change the network and try.
3. If it is stuck in a complex game scene, it is recommended to turn off the power saving mode and then try to use it. In the case of low power, it is recommended to fully charge the game before playing the game.
4. It is recommended to check whether the mobile phone is overheating. When the mobile phone is overheated, the game is prone to the frame rate reduction and unsmooth situation. It is recommended to avoid playing the game while charging, which will affect the user experience due to overheating.
When using NFC to swipe the card, please put the NFC antenna part on the back of the mobile phone (usually the middle and upper part of the back) close to the reading range of the card swiping area to swipe the card normally.
If you are using Googlepay service, it may not be available because the firmware version does not match the region of use. Please obtain the firmware version of the corresponding region on the support page to flash the phone.
Gravity sensing doesn't work when using some third-party apps.
Please confirm if this app supports gravity sensing.
The failure of gravity sensing may be caused by accidental deletion of some system files.
It is recommended that you restore your phone to factory settings or perform a system upgrade after backing up important data
In order to speed up the upgrade, the mobile phone will run the upgrade program at full speed, there are a lot of memory operations, and a large amount of power consumption is generated in a short period of time, resulting in a rise in temperature. After the upgrade, the phone will return to normal, please use it with confidence.
problem causes:
1. If the phone restarts automatically repeatedly, please confirm whether you have tried to root the phone. This problem will occur when using some third applications to root the phone. If the root privilege is obtained by brushing the phone, it may also cause the system to restart repeatedly or freeze abnormally. Happening.
2. Clicking on an unknown link or installing malicious software to poison the phone, resulting in a crash and restart.
1. When the phone is stuck and no response, you can press and hold the power button for 10s to force restart the phone.
2. After entering safe mode, uninstall the third-party application that caused the system abnormality to try to solve it. 3. It is recommended that you use your phone's "System Settings" to clean up viruses.
4. Please confirm whether the microSD card is installed. Please re-insert the microSD card and check if the problem persists. If the problem goes away with unplugging the SD card, the microSD itself may be damaged or not compatible with the phone system. A good quality microSD card is recommended. If the problem persists after replacing the SD card, try other solutions.
5. If some third-party applications have tampered with the system, uninstalling may not solve the problem.
Please try the following solutions:
1. Please press and hold the power button for more than 15 seconds to force restart the phone to try to solve it.
2. Please confirm whether there is any flashing behavior or use of third-party flashing software. Unofficial systems can affect the stability of your phone. Please restore the phone to the official system.
3. Please confirm whether multiple applications are running at the same time. Multiple applications running in the background will take up too much memory or other resources, and the phone will freeze or freeze if it is overloaded. Please close or exit applications that do not need to be used temporarily or applications with high power consumption in time to release system resources.
4. Please confirm whether the phone freezes after installing a certain software or clicking an unknown link. You can press the power button + volume down button continuously during the boot process to enter safe mode, uninstall previously installed software, or back up important data and restore factory settings to try to solve the problem.
5. Please confirm whether the system files have been deleted by mistake. When the system is running, it cannot find the corresponding file, which leads to confusion and failure of the mobile phone. Please back up important data and try to restore to factory settings.
This problem is mainly caused by the low battery of the mobile phone and the conflict of the background application of the mobile phone. Please troubleshoot and deal with it according to the following methods:
1. If your phone's battery is too low, the flash is turned off by default. Before you use your phone's flash, it is recommended that your phone's power be above 25%.
2. If there are other applications that need to call the fill light in the background of your mobile phone, such applications will conflict with the flashlight application, which will cause the flashlight to fail to start normally. It is recommended that you close the relevant application and then turn on the flashlight.
3. If the problem still exists after the above operations, the camera flash may be damaged. Please back up important data in advance, and bring the purchase invoice to the customer service center for testing and processing.
Possible causes and solutions:
1. The mobile phone has not been shut down for a long time, and the system resources are exhausted or other abnormalities caused by too much background operation, which may lead to restarting. It is recommended that you close applications that you do not use in time, regularly use the system settings to clear the system cache data and junk files, and manually restart the phone to observe whether there is still an abnormal restart for a period of time. During daily use, you can manually restart the mobile phone system periodically to maintain a good running state.
2. When the temperature of the mobile phone is too high, the mobile phone protection function may be activated to automatically restart. It is recommended not to run too many applications or heavyweight applications while charging in daily use.
If automatic restart occurs frequently, please contact our technical support mailbox.
The reasons for the occasional black screen / freeze / restart phenomenon of the mobile phone:
1. If the mobile phone has not been turned off for a long time, the system may occasionally run abnormally during the long-term operation of the system, resulting in abnormal application operation, resource conflict or too much system application cache, resulting in a black screen/crash/restart phenomenon.
2. Multiple applications running in the background will occupy too much memory or other resources, and the mobile phone system will appear black screen/crash/restart.
1. When the phone is stuck and no response, you can press and hold the power button for 10s to force restart the phone.
2. It is recommended that you close the applications you do not use in time, and use the system settings to clear the system cache data and junk files, restart the phone and observe it for a while.
3. In the daily use process, you can manually restart the mobile phone system regularly to keep the mobile phone in good running state.
4. It is recommended not to run multiple applications while charging
Yes, the engineer will upgrade the phone and restore the factory settings when troubleshooting the problem, so that the phone state can reach the factory state. Please back up your personal data to SD card or computer before sending it for repair, and try to restore the faulty phone. Factory settings and then mail to maximize your privacy.
When the mobile phone is running, the internal parts such as the processor and memory are in a high-speed computing state, which will generate heat and dissipate it. In addition, mobile phones generally use technologies such as metal fuselage, metal middle frame, and thermally conductive graphite sheet, so that heat can diffuse out of the fuselage faster and ensure that the working temperature of the mobile phone chip is suitable. It is normal for the phone to heat up while working.
Limited by the size of the body, mobile phones do not conduct heat through fans like computers and other devices. When the mobile phone is running, the heat generated by the CPU, memory, battery, etc. is generally passively conducted outward through the mobile phone body. Therefore, in some high power consumption scenarios, such as playing games, playing high-definition videos, continuous videography, using satellite navigation for a long time, and upgrading the mobile phone system, the body heating is a normal phenomenon, and it is also a normal performance of the mobile phone’s cooling function. After high-power applications, the temperature of the phone body can quickly return to normal. In addition, when the screen of the mobile phone is lit for a long time or the mobile phone is charged, there will be a certain heating phenomenon.
1. Uninstall apps that may be abnormal, such as apps that were installed before the problem occurred.
2. If the phone is not turned off or restarted for a long time, it is recommended to restart the phone and observe whether the phone still has abnormal heat.
1. Ensure good heat dissipation: It is recommended to avoid using the mobile phone while charging, and avoid covering the mobile phone with other objects when charging.
2. Regularly clean the background: Try to avoid multiple applications running at the same time, and frequently clean the background software, which can reduce the CPU load and improve the battery life of the phone.
Enter the system settings to select the appropriate power saving strategy; select the appropriate screen brightness; turn off the function switches (WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, automatic synchronization, etc.) that are not used temporarily or are not commonly used.
3. Update system software in time.
IMEI: commonly known as mobile phone serial number, is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Corresponding, and the code is unique in the world. The IMEI number consists of 15 digits:
The first 6 digits are the model approval number, which generally represent the model.
The next 2 digits are the final assembly number, which generally represents the place of origin.
The next 6 digits are serial numbers, which generally represent the production sequence number.
The last 1 digit, usually 0, is the check code and is reserved.
MEID: Mobile Equipment Identifier, which is the identification code of the CDMA mobile phone and the unique identification code of each CDMA mobile phone or communication tablet.
IMEI, MEID query method: Enter "*#06#" on the phone dial to view, (if the phone supports a telecom card, you can query the MEID code), or you can check the IMEI code on the phone box or warranty card.
Please try to use microSD cards produced by regular manufacturers (such as Kingston, SanDisk). Unofficial and inferior microSD cards have issues related to timing compatibility, please try inserting this microSD card into another mobile phone to see if it can be read or recognized. If not, the microSD card may be damaged, please replace it with a good microSD card. It is recommended that you format the microSD card and try again. You can format it on a computer using a card reader. How to format the microSD card: insert the microSD into the card reader and connect the card reader to the computer; after ejecting the SD card disk, select the SD card, right-click and select format; after entering the formatting interface, click Start SD card to start format.
The phone only supports external storage devices in FAT32 format.
1. Please check whether the app store you are using is set to cancel various permissions, especially storage permissions;
2. Please check other applications to see if they can access the Internet normally.
3. Please check whether your phone still has enough memory space and whether it has been exhausted. Please uninstall some unused applications and delete unused files from the file manager
When the flashlight does not turn on, try the following:
1. The mobile phone flashlight cannot be used by default when the battery is low.
2. Please confirm whether other applications that need to call the flashlight are also opened before turning on the flashlight, such as the phone's magnifying glass or camera, etc. These applications running in the background will conflict with the flashlight application, which will cause the flashlight to fail to start normally. .
3. Please restart your phone and try it.
4. It is recommended to back up the mobile phone data, and then restore the mobile phone to factory settings to try.
5. If the above methods do not work, it is recommended to back up the mobile phone data, and bring the purchase invoice to the authorized maintenance outlet for maintenance.
1. The product uses earphones as FM antenna, please insert earphones when using the radio. Different headphones may not necessarily match, resulting in less search stations, or there will be noise stations in search stations. It is recommended to use optional headphones (please purchase from regular channels).
2. The FM signal of the radio station is easily interfered. If there is noise, it may be the reason for the weak signal of the radio station of this frequency, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to change the location and find a better answering place.
When the hotspot function is enabled on the mobile phone, other devices can connect to the mobile phone through WLAN, and use the mobile phone's data service to surf the Internet for free. It is not recommended to enable this function if the mobile Internet traffic is insufficient.
Hot-plugging (hot-plugging or Hot Swap) means live plugging and unplugging. The hot-plugging function allows users to remove and replace the TF card without shutting down the system or cutting off the power supply.
A mobile phone accelerometer is an electronic device capable of measuring acceleration force. The acceleration force is the force acting on the object when the object is accelerating, just like the gravitational force of the earth, which is gravity.
OTG is a USB transmission technology. Through the OTG adapter cable, the mobile phone can directly access files in devices such as U disks or digital cameras, and can also be connected to external devices such as keyboards and mice.
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a near field communication technology. There are three main operating modes: card emulation mode, read-write mode and point-to-point mode. The card emulation mode emulates the NFC-enabled mobile phone as a Smart Card, so as to:
1. Realize functions such as mobile payment and access control.
2. Read and write mode The phone can read and write NFC tags.
3. Peer-to-peer mode supports interaction between two NFC devices.
The main frequency of the CPU, that is, the clock frequency at which the CPU core works (CPU Clock Speed). How many megahertz is the so-and-so CPU that is commonly referred to, and this number of megahertz is the "CPU frequency".
1. The fragile warranty sticker of the fuselage is torn or altered;
2. Exceeds the effective warranty period and scope of warranty; the warranty is inconsistent, altered or lost;
Self-disassembly, revision and upgrade, online burning;
4. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and maintain in accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual;
Entering the water and entering the liquid (check whether the water post is discolored), shattering and breaking, antenna breaking, abrasion and scratching, loose cable, liquid crystal crushing and leakage, touch screen failure, keyboard failure and wear, high current charging and burning;
The fingerprint sensor design of the mobile phone is relatively flat. When sliding up and down, sliding left and right, and long pressing, the contact area may be relatively small, resulting in the corresponding function not operating normally.
1. It is recommended to keep sliding at a constant speed when sliding up and down, left and right on the rear fingerprint. And keep the finger sliding distance, it is best to completely cover the fingerprint sensor area.
2. It is recommended that when you press and hold the rear fingerprint, try to keep your finger perpendicular to the fingerprint area and press quickly and in a large area.
If it can be proved that the purchase time of the mobile phone is within 7 days, and no one is damaged, due to the quality of the mobile phone itself, you can ask for a replacement.