Work in a moving office

Check your work files anytime and any place!With larger screen,writing email,displaying PPT,reviewing drawing will be more easier,and your efficiency will be more higher.

Perfect book reader

Y6 Max can be a great digital book reader due to its 6.5” screen.Larger texts,more contents included in one page,allow user to enjoy reading without turning a page frequently.

`Yesterday, you know, Mr Earnshaw should have been at the funeral. He kept himself sober for the purpose--tolerably sober: not going to bed mad at six o'clock and getting up drunk at twelve. Consequently he rose, in suicidal low spirits, as fit for the church as for a dance; and instead, he sat down by the fire and swallowed gin or brandy by tumblerfuls.

`Heathcliff--I shudder to name him! has been a stranger in the house from last Sunday till today. Whether the angels have fed him, or his kin beneath, I cannot tell; but he has not eaten a meal with us for nearly a week. He has just come home at dawn, and gone upstairs to his chamber; locking himself in--as if anybody dreamt of coveting his company! There he has continued, praying like a Methodist: only the deity he implored in senseless dust and ashes; and God, when addressed, was curiously confounded with his own black father! After concluding these precious orisons--and they lasted generally till he grew hoarse and his voice was strangled in his throat--he would be off again; always straight down to the Grange! I-wonder Edgar did not send for a constable, and give him into custody! For me, grieved as I was about Catherine, it was impossible to avoid regarding this season of deliverance from degrading oppression as a holiday.

`I recovered spirits sufficient to hear Joseph's eternal lectures without weeping, and to move up and down the house less with the foot of a frightened thief than formerly. You wouldn't think that I should cry at anything Joseph could say; but he and Hareton are detestable companions. I'd rather sit with Hindley, and hear his awful talk, than with ``t' little maister'' and his staunch supporter, that odious old man! When Heathcliff is in, I'm often obliged to seek the kitchen and their society, or starve among the damp uninhabited chambers; when he is not, as was the case this week, I establish a table and chair at one comer of the house fire, and never mind how Mr Earnshaw may occupy himself; and he does not interfere with my arrangements. He is quieter now than he used to be, if no one provokes him: more sullen and depressed, and less furious. Joseph affirms he's sure he's an altered man: that the Lord has touched his heart, and he is saved ``so as by fire''. I'm puzzled to detect signs of the favourable change: but it is not my business.

Best partner of gamers

A great gyroscope,which makes games and apps perform in the best way,especially 3D games,is applied to Y6 Max.N.O.V.A,Modern Combat,Real Racing,these hot games are considered the best gyroscope-based games,and they work perfectly on Y6 Max too!

Reveal your talent of art

Want to liven things up when you hang out with your friends?Launch this app “Perfect Piano” and play a pleasant song!Want to draw beautiful scenery during journey?Try “Procreate Pocket” and create your artwork.Creation belongs to everyone.

4300 mAh battery
5V/2A fast charger

Equipped with a larger 4300 mAh battery,Y6 Max is capable of working for a longer time when used for video watching or game playing. With a 5V/2A charger,you can charge your phone faster.Never worry about running out of juice!