Product Series

X seriesX-Gen High Cost-effective

  • X20

    an affordable dual camera phone

  • X30

    8.0MP dual camera, professional shooting, professional photography, quad camera, best shooting phone, cheap dual camera phone

  • X10

    affordable and durable

  • X9 Pro

    curved and beautiful

  • X6

    totally natural

  • X6 Pro

    like nature itself

  • X5 Pro

    timeless color and style

  • X5 Max

    make it irreplaceable

  • X5 Max Pro

    smartphone with MTK6737

  • X5

    it's worth every penny

  • X7 Pro

    max your view

  • X7

    6" display vr samartphone

  • X3

    excellent choice

  • X9 Mini

    curved and beautiful