Search before posting

Before posting a new thread make sure there isn’t already one with similar content. Posting your questions and problems in those threads will not only help you get answers faster but will also help to keep the forums clean and easy to navigate.

Watch your language

Being offensive or rude is never the solution so try and keep a cool head if someone disagrees with your opinion.

Use short and relevant thread titles

When starting a new thread make sure to keep it simple but informative. Don’t use all caps and if possible refrain from posting vague thread titles, such as ???HELP???. People should know what your thread is about without having to open it. For example when reporting a bug make sure to include the firmware version, the exact steps on how to reproduce the issue and what have you done so far trying to fix it.

Only post your messages once

If you post the same thing twice or more it will only make people angry and they will be more likely to ignore you instead of helping.

Stay on topic

Posting unrelated replies in a topic will result in chaos and you will also set back the discussion.

Respect copyright

Do not post any copyrighted content. It’s simple: if something can only be used after you pay for it, don’t share it with others - be it software, multimedia, or apps.

Advertising, spamming and trolling

Advertising, spamming and trolling is not tolerated in any form. This includes avatars, signatures, forum posts and private messages. We reserve the right to remove such threads and posts and ban their author without prior notice.

Only one account

You are entitled to only one account. If for some reason you can’t access your account or want it changed please contact us and we’ll help you out.

Don’t post your email address

Simple as that. This way you can avoid receiving spam and other unwanted messages. When contacting a fellow contact member use the private messaging feature.

All members are expected to read and follow these rules. These rules may change at any time without prior notice.